Vista and Bluetooth Headsets

I decide to pair my Nokia BH-208 Bluetooth headset with my Compaq NX8220 laptop (running Vista Business SP1) to watch some cool videos from mix conference. I open the headset, enable the wireless and Bluetooth device and try to pair the headset. BUT the headset is not list of devices. Why? I try to understand what is going on.

A quick search on the web provides the answer.

Windows Vista RTM doesn’t support Bluetooth headsets. They include the functionality in beta versions, but they removed in RTM versions. This also includes the SP1 release which is already installed in my laptop.

I am pissed off, and decide to found a solution.

  1. I found that Microsoft release Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless for OEM vendors only, and not for general public, but the update can be found on the internet.
    I download and installed it. Beware that feature pack requires SP1.
  2. Download and install the Bluetooth device drivers from HP because headset is a Bluetooth Peripheral Device and Vista needs drivers for this.

After that the headset appears in the list of devices and paired successfully.


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